Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Interviewing Tips From a Real Girl, II

Hello there!  I just sat down on my warm cozy couch and it's all bright and sunny out, life is good.  I know, I know, I should be outside if it's bright and sunny but I just got home from a long day of work and it's nice out most days in Southern CA:)

I wrote about interviewing tips a couple of weeks ago and I received some great feed back on the post and I would love to share more!  I really want to stress that the only reason I feel inclined to write about interviewing and jobs is because I have many, many years of experience and I've been in alot of interviews myself.  My experience is in the fashion industry but I have also ventured into print and web.  I strongly feel these tips can be applied to any industry.  Maybe your a law student interviewing for internships and you're reading this post and asking yourself if this information is applicable to you.  My answer is absolutely.  We're all people, and it doesn't matter if you're interviewing for a life guard position(wassup, been there), a waitress job(wasssup again, over 6 years experience), or your "career" path, you have to explain yourself to the person that sits in front of you.

This post's tip is...

Mimic the interviewers behavior

This tip is actually inspired by an experience that my boyfriend had with a recruiter.  The recruiter basically told him to mimic the personality and the energy of the person he was being interviewed by. Merriam-Websters definition of mimic is:

Does that make sense?  Let me explain.

Why should you mimic the personality of the person that is interviewing you?
I'm not saying completely change your personality and copy everything they do.  Please do NOT do that.  I'm simply suggesting that if they have a very serious demeanor to them, and your personality is loud/hyper/bubbly, maybe you should tone it down for the time you are interviewing with them.  If the person talks alot, this usually means they want to be listened to.  So, simply listen.  If there on the serious side of the spectrum, remain serious and straightforward when you are asked a question.   If they are friendly and chatty, go off of that energy and smile and add a little cheerfulness to you tone, especially if you are normally subdued.   Look for cues in their personality and translate them accordingly.

With this said, you have to also stay true to yourself and realize what your signing up for.  

For example, maybe you do you have a bubbly personality and you interviewed with the person with the serious demeanor.  Let's say you left the interview with a sour feeling in your stomach and genuinely thought the personality fit was not there.  Definitely take that into consideration when you are naming off the pros and cons of the job.  You don't want to be stuck in a situation where you are simply unhappy.  

What do you think of this tip?  Do you have a tip to share form a personal experience?  
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3 Interviewing Tips From a Real Girl

I've worked in design for about 8 years(not counting internships).  I graduated design school at 22 and continued working in my restaurant job while job hunting.  It was honestly terrifying going on those interviews.  I still remember them so clearly: how nervous I was, how determined I felt, my horrific portfolio-but it was all so incredibly exciting.  These tips are applicable to most any field.  The most important thing about interviewing speakng confidently to the person you are interviewing with while explaining how you can help their business or the company.  

I spent a 2 year period freelancing from home and I would go in spurts where I wanted a full time job.  I was very lucky to have enough work to be able to work from home and freelance.  Working from home is a battle, when you have alot of work it's amazing, but there is this whole social interaction piece missing from your life.  When I would have these urges to get a full time job I would end up going on many interviews and I learned TONS of what to do and what NOT to do.  Feel free to check out some of the companies I have worked with here.  Please note I'm only linking that to show that I do have experience in this subject matter.  I have read alot of articles about interviewing in the past and more times often then not the tips seem really generic to me and I question the writers credibility. 

1.  PRACTICE.  This is absolutely my #1 tip.   There are so many cliche interview questions that seem easy enough: what are your strengths, what is your weakness, how did you help your last company?  So, how did you?  Thinking in your head those questions seem easy enough- but have you actually tried saying everything out loud before you have to say it to someone you are trying to get a job from?  Be able to explain yourself, skills, background, and previous experience to the person you are interviewing with before you get to the interview.  Sit in front of a mirror and start chatting with yourself numerous times before you have to talk to the person interviewing you.

2.  SELL YOURSELF.  So how are you going to help the company?  Entry level jobs are a little different in this area.  As a person at an assistant level you are being brought on to a company to help with business,  but also to be taught skills.  
         -How do you  sell yourself if you are entry level?  Easy.  Do your homework on the company and the position you are interviewing for.  I remember when I was 22 I would apply for EVERYTHING.  I would go on these interviews and not actually know what I was interviewing for.  Research the job description before you go in and make sure it's something you would actually want to do.   Then, explain your skills and how they can help the team you will be on.  Always be motivated and willing to work hard.  Maybe you don't have a ton of experience, but you have skills. You need to be able to talk about these skills to convince the person you are a good fit.  
        -How to sell yourself if you have experience?  Answer this question: what have you been doing at your jobs the past (insert amount of years) years?  What skills from this job is going to help the team at this new company?  Then go back to tip #1. 

3.  REACT.  Be mindful of what type of interviewer this person is.  Does this person have a list of questions they want you to answer?  Maybe the person you're interviewing with is a talker.  That's okay.  Let them talk and listen to what they have to say.  When they ask you questions, make sure you are quick and mindful of what you say.  Don't rush yourself- but this is your time to talk-so say something good.  In my experience, usually the person interviewing is a talker.  I often leave the interview confused and annoyed because there was so much that I didn't say that I wanted to.  If you're really interested in the job and you feel the interview wrapping up and there is still thing you didn't go over, I would recommend trying to keep the person there to keep chatting.  In design, you present materials to show your skills and past work.  That's an easy way to keep someone there, just keep showing them your work.  I feel like you could easily do this in most industries-you just have to be creative.  It could be as simple as typing out a chart of your sales or a list of things you have done that has proven helpful to the company.  

What interview tips do you have?  Do you hate interviewing or love it?

I actually don't mind interviewing.  I think it's a great time to learn something new about a company.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TTT: 3 Things to Make Your Tuesday Better

TTT is Three-Tip-Tuesday.  I keep seeing random posts online from writers with their favorite things of the moment, and I always love reading them.  My days have been pretty long lately from working at my full time job as well as working on my personal work.  I don't mind it though, busy is always a great thing, I think it is a blessing.  Especially when you have many people to share it with, near or far!  I am very, very, very lucky to have alot of amazing people in my life, but I currently feel very far away from most of them!  I suppose that is just a part of growing and overcoming challenges of everyday life.   Here are three tips to help make your Tuesday a little better.

TTT #1:  Drinking a smoothie or fresh juice in the morning.  This is something I am really consistent with, but alot of the time it is extremely monotonous.  Usually when I get sick of drinking a smoothie I will juice for a week. 

Making your own juice can sometimes feel a tad pricey and time consuming but I never regret it when I start.  I always feel amazing even after just one juice.  I will say, I am definitely a fan of bottled juice for convenience but I urge you to try fresh juice if you can.  It really does produce a fresher result and as a result, I personally feel has so many benefits you can feel after you drink it.   This juice pictured is carrot, beet, lemon, cucumber, and celery.  It's one of my favorite combinations and all veggies extract juice really well so you get the most bang for your buck.  Too expensive or time consuming? Another great alternative is starting your day with fruit.  I've recently started putting a banana in my purse for when I get hungry and I'm regretting all of the hundreds of dollars I have spent on Luna, Cliff, or Kind bars over the years.  Need smoothie recommondation? Here is a recipe from the very talented Angela from  

Personally, I'm usually not too motivated to make that gorgeous smoothie(pictured), but I am motivated enough make my creation I make many mornings out of the month: 

Lazy Girl Smoothie:
-2 Handfuls of spinach(or mixed greens will do)
-Half a frozen banana
-A half a handful or so of frozen mixed berries
-Some frozen mango chunks
-1/2 - 1 cup of water

Put everything in the nutri-bullet or blender, give it a whirl, and slurp it up!

TTT #2:  Listen to something new!  Do you have one of those days that just drags and drags on?  I'm pretty sure everyone does-and if you don't have those days, please share what your tip is to avoid the drag on?!  I work in design,  sometimes when I'm coming up with concepts I will listen to NPR or a podcast(if I have to do anything too thought provoking I usually listen to music or have to focus in silence).  I came across a fashion podcast today and was pleasantly surprised to find some new tips.  It's nice to have some new entertainment added to the day.   Here is Nicole Longstreath's website, where you can find her podcast.  

TTT #3: Write in a journal or maybe in this journal.  I have gifted these types of journals a couple of times on different occasions and I always mean to pick one up for myself.  Writing is so therapuetic.  I feel like this type of journal is such an easy way to jot a thought down to get yourself thinking about something random once a day.  A little imagination always makes me much happier.

What's your tip for today?
What do you start your day with?

Monday, June 23, 2014


   Is anyone else over whelmed by all the beauty products out there?  Anyone? Or is it just me?  There are so many beauty products on the market, it's so overwhelming!  I have recently signed up for Birch Box.  I am on box number 3, and so far I like it, though I have been very disappointed in some of the items I have been sent.  Pastel blue nail polish? Hmmm, not necessarily for me.  Detangler?  YES! But then it dried my hair out so now I have to avoid using it.  The little perfume samples, absolutely LOVE those!  Which reminds me I need to start reviewing these products!
  One thing I do know all about is the perfect mascara.  Oh yes.  It's perfect.  My sister showed it to me years and years ago, I think I've been using it since I was 20?  I'm not completely sure, but I've definitely been using it for the past several years.  

From L'oreal

   I'm definitely NOT into expensive beauty products.  I like saving money and putting it towards my business and traveling.  I love this mascara because it dramatically enhances your lashes while being inexpensive and very easy to find. I put multiple layers on my lashes, and apply to both the front and back of my eyelashes until it looks juuuuust right.  I personally recommend the curved brush in black.

What is your favorite mascara?  Are you a fan of Birch Box?

Sunday, June 22, 2014


This post is originally posted here, but I love it so much I also want to share it on this blog.

Compassion is underrated.  "Follow your passion" is said so frequently that is starts to sound and feel like a cliche.  Did you know compassion can be even more inspirational then devoting your energy to finding or pursuing your passion?
Here's some ways to follow your compassion:
1.  Acknowledge a struggle someone is having and offer a supportive word or two.  Sometimes just knowing someone else cares is just the thing that a person needs.  Ask, "What can I do to help?"  They will probably say something like, "Just knowing you care is enough."

2.  Listen.  Sometimes that's all that is needed to help someone feel better.  Don't try to give advice or tell them what you think unless they ask for your opinion.

3.  Invest in a charity you believe in.  Give your time to something you believe in.  EMKY gives back by producing all product in the USA, you can read about it here.  We also give 20% from the sale of select fashion scarves to Make-A-Wish Foundation.  You can view the scarves herehere, and here.  
4.  The Dalia Lama on compassion:
5. Pass it on!  Realize that others are noticing what you do, especially children.  By offering compassion on a regular basis you inspire others to do the same.  This chain goes on and on and on, so add to the chain positively so compassion surrounds you and others!

YOUR turn: How are you compassionate?  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Would You Wear This?

Fashion trends are so interesting.  Here are some common themes I've noticed with fashion trends:

-Blast from the past

Were leggings ever that "cute" to wear with a dress a few years ago?  Hmmm, at the time I thought I looked awesome running around NYC in my tunic dress or jean skirt paired with leggings.   As I sit on my couch right now-with my leggings on(it's 7am in CA), I cringe at the thought.

This picture is NOT of me.  I would at least wear a printed dress:)

My opinion is that anyone can pull off anything.   This is much better:

Here's a trend that I'm not sure I would personally ever partake in, but I think it's pretty cute and right in line with the Coachella and festival time of the year.  

Gold Leafs in the hair.  

I actually love when I see hair accessories, such a unique touch. 

What about you?  Would you sport this trend?  What trends have you participated in the past that you are aren't so proud of?

Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Wear: Style Update

Hey there ladies and gents!  Are there any gentlemen reading out there?  If so, we're happy you're here, please stay!  Happy Friday!    

As the warmer months are approaching, new items are always acquired in the wardrobe.  I don't know about you but I don't want to spend a bunch of money on clothes, especially when my closet is over flowing already.  
1.  Pair a scarf with cut offs and a cute blouse you already have in your closet.  Pile on some bangles and you're ready to go!

2.  Buy one cute piece you really, really want that will go with multiple things.  I love buying a new printed kimono and I love adding blouses to my wardrobe.  I'll buy a variety that are cheaper and pricier, but I don't think I've ever bought anything over $100.  Before you purchase, really assess if this piece will work well with your wardrobe and how often you will wear it.  

3.  Make cut offs!  The ones in this picture are a little straggly and hand me downs from a friend, but I still love them.  If you have jeans or pants you don't wear too often, try making them into cut offs.  Remember to cut longer first then try on and see if you like how they look- you can always take away but you can't bring back the length-well unless your looking for a patched up look which might be fun.

4.  Play around with new silhouettes and buy pieces to reflect the new silhouettes in your wardrobe.  What does this mean?  If you usually wear skinny jeans and tight tops with cardigans, why not try a looser silhouette?  Try getting a loose drapey bohemian top and let it flow over your pants, and spice it up with a new sparkly heal or sandal.

Check out this post for more tips to maximize all the goods in your closet!

What are you doing to update your look this spring?