Tuesday, August 19, 2014

3 Basic Tips For Juicing

I love juicing.  I have been consistently juicing for about 2 years now.  I went through a spurt where I worked from home, and I was really good about juicing everyday. I eat amazing sometimes and I also drink wine and eat french fries sometimes(dumb boyfriends and their influence!  Ha!).  I don't juice everyday.  I think that's a little unrealistic for my lifestyle right now, but I think it's great to juice when you "feel" like it or force yourself to do it every now and again because the benefits are so rewarding(see #3).  Here are some basic tips that may help. 

1. Invest wisely.  Juicing can be expensive.  FIrst, you have the actual juicer, which can run you anywhere from $100-300.  This can be very pricey depending on your budget.  I own the Breville Juice Fountain and it's been kicking it for around 2 years(since I started), and I sure hope it doesn't break anytime soon.  I paid around $225-250 for it, which I think is absolutely worth it.  The price on this model is currently around $150 here.  Haha apparently it went down in price since I purchased it!

2. Pick fruits and vegetables that juice well and research combinations.   When I chat with people about juicing I always hear one thing: "I barely get any juice out of what I'm juicing".   Do not juice spinach and kale and expect to get a ton of juice.  Try to choose at least one thing that is water dense.  Some great choices are: celery, carrots, beets, apples, cucumber, and oranges.  My favorite combination is lemons, beets, carrots, celery and cucumber.  This combo is fairly cheap to make and you will get alot of juice for your money.   Even Dre likes beets;)

3.  Juice when you crave it.  If I just eat normally and healthy, I go through these periods where I feel like NOTHING will satisfy me.  I'll just eat random things, but nothing will do the trick.  As I'm sure your well aware, most food in general is extremely processed and it's hard to say how much nutrition we actually get from the food we eat on a daily basis.  Honestly, even if you do drink juice in the morning, a sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner OR you eat completely raw...how much nutrition are you getting?  

Well-how do you feel?

I always feel better when I juice.  I know this sounds corny, but it's true.  I'm in a much better mood and my appetite is just on point.  When juicing, it's as if my body is getting what it needs.   Try juicing when you feel like it.  If you never feel like juicing, I would say either do it a couple times a week or try doing it for a week straight.   

If juicing isn't your thing here's some helpful tips to get your day off to a great start! Happy juicing!!  

Questions for you:

Do you juice?  If so what time of day do you prefer to have your juice?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

East Coast Vs. West Coast, and Happy Monday

WEAR THIS:  I've never been a JCREW girl, but I was researching for work this week and found myself digging in the website.  I was impressed over and over again.  I'm not sure if my style has changed or if Jcrew has rebranded itself over the past couple of years(I suspect a little of both),  but I encourage you to go check it  out  as their store or their website or look for new ideas or pieces to revamp your look.  I left the website immediatly inspired.  I don't think I can afford these particular shoes right this second, but maybe in the near future!

READ THIS:  As someone who loves both New York and California equally but for completely different reasons, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post from Orlando Soria's blog, Hommemaker.com about New Yorkers visiting LA.  If you have any love for NY or Cali(or both!) please go read it right now or put it on your list.
 This picture isn't from CA to NY but kind of close, it is CA-OH:)
EAT THIS:  I went to SF a couple of years ago for my birthday and I have dreamt of this sundae from Ghirardelli ever since.  I know it's a tourist attraction but please, eat this if you are in the area.  There actually is a Ghirardelli in SD, I may have to pay it a visit one of these days.  I suspect it's not as good as the one in San Fran though, just a wild guess.  I'm assuming most of us won't be in SF anytime son, I recommend a nice, big home made sundae, mmmmmm:)
This sundae was so good I've kept the pictures on my phone for the past 2 years!

WATCH THIS: I might get in trouble for this one because I may be a bit older then my readers, but listen to your elders and either, 1. watch Clueless for the first time  or 2. rewatch it.  I watched this a couple Sundays ago for the first time in quite a few years, and was cracking up.  Oh my gosh, I loved that movie when I was younger and it was so refreshing to watch it again after years of not thinking about it.  Clueless is a very simple movie but cleanly executed in a way that is dramatically different then movies and TV today  The dialouge is so clever and well thought out which is very refreshing compared to alot of movies that have been out in the past few years.  
STOP:  With all the facebooking.  And social media in general.   Is it just me or does FB get dumber and dumber and dumber....?  The answer is yes!  I'm always curious if the people posting consistent status updates opionions of FB.  I genuinelly am very curious, if you're reading this and you post personal status updates-do you really want a response?  Are you just venting?  Is it an effective way to communicate with friends?  I personally sign onto FB for business purposes,  I look at the personal updates and I'm always dumb founded.  

Question for you:

Do you have any movie  or reading material recommondations?

Have an amazing week!  Happy Monday!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3 Helpful Tips For A Successful First Date

Do you ever read those yahoo articles, "how to know it's over with your man" or "10 signs he's ready for commitment"?   Shamefully, I read them from time to time too, you're not alone. 

 In my defense I'm usually just curious if there's actually any new information in them or fresh tips!   I love the pictures that are paired with the text, they usually make me laugh.   I'm in a relationship right now and live with  my boyfriend, but-I'm sure just like many of you reading this post-I've done my fair share of dating, I personally think it's pretty fun to get to know someone!  Of course dating has its low points when you're not exactly clicking with someone, but once in awhile we have those "notebook" moments, swwwwoooooon...

1.  Go with an open mind.  In the world of online dating, the interwebs, and people literally living on their phones, there is an obvious lack of human interaction(said the girl who is giving tips via a blog).  Let's bring the human interaction back and just plain old get to know each other by a little chitter-chatter!  Try not to judge your date immediately and just sit back and have a conversation.  Try not to read into what you may find on facebook or instagram.

2.  Your date=talk, you=listen.  It's always such a pleasure to talk to someone with amazing listening skills.  I'm always impressed when someone actually asks me a meaningful question and they seem generally interested in the answer.  I feel like like it's a rarity these days!  Since you already have an open mind going into your date and you resisted the urge to google them(see #1), try to really listen to the person and find out what they want to share about themselves.  If you catch yourself wanting to talk over the person, try to be in the moment and focus on what your date is saying and learn more about this person.    

3.  Act like a lady, and you should be treated like a lady.   Maybe this doesn't apply to all women, but I'm pretty sure the vast majority wants to be treated like a lady (or simply respected as a person).  Well, then act like a lady.  Don't get drunk with your date, leave at a reasonable hour, don't swear,  be polite, and just be kind.   I remember reading something a couple of years ago, I wish I could remember the actual book.  I think it was a chick lit book of sorts, possibly an Emily Giffin book(I know, I know, shame, shame but the're so fun to read once in awhile).   The conversation was between two characters and goes something along the lines of  "why do city girls always complain about not having a boyfriend but they stay at the bar until 2am drinking with the young chap!"  Probably not the best idea if one is trying to date with the intentions of a possible relationship.  Remeber to respect yourself on your date and leave a little mystery!

Question for you...

Do you like first dates or find them overwhelming?  Any good tips you'd care to share?  I'd love to hear!

Pretty picture found here.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Interviewing Tips From a Real Girl, III

This just may be my favorite topic to write about because it's so applicable to everyone that is looking for a job or employed.  Let me guess, you're thinking, "Why would I need interviewing tips if I'm employed?"    Even if you're not currently interviewing, you can easily apply these tips to business meetings, networking, basic phone calls, and just plain old professional conduct.   Unemployed or employed, interacting with people is usually necessary;)

I received a great comment from reader Barb from my last round of interviewing tips. 


I can't agree with these tips more.  Barb certainly knows what she's talking about.  I personally like to have 3-5 questions to ask at the end of an interview or to ask throughout the interview.  It's really important to know what your getting yourself into and asking questions is a great way to get to know your potential boss or colleague.  

 A few of my favorite questions are:

-What is the culture of the company?
-What is the team structure?
-Does this position have room for growth? <------I love this one for catching people off guard.  If you pay close enough attention to how someone answers this, you can usually get a sense if the position is going in the direction you want it to, which is important when job hunting. 
-Is this a new position or why is the position opening up? <------Again, very telling.  From there you can converse about why there is a need for the position or why the person left the job.  Were they promoted? 
-What is a typical day of work?
-Is it okay to have a glass of wine on my lunch break?<------Hahahahah!  Just teasing, that question is absolutely NOT recommended.  

It's never clear how an interview will go.  Take these questions as an insurance policy to keep the interviewing flowing if it starts to get dull and you want to keep the person in the room.  
Most importantly, use the questions as a tool to see if you want to work for the company.  Take cue on how they respond, read their body language, and take note of their overall general engagement with you.  If you were to work directly with this person, this is how they will treat you.  Are they a good listener?  Do they talk over you?  Whatever happens in the interview is generally very likely to happen on a daily basis.  

View more interviewing tips here and here.


Do you have a go to interview question?  

If you decide after being in an interview(or meeting if you're employed) that your just not into it, do you stop trying or pretend you're interested?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How do I wear this? CROP TOPS!

I can't believe I'm witnessing a time when crop tops actually look classy and pretty!  If I remember correctly, the last time showing your mid drift was cool involved Brittany Spears and very low rise jeans.  Brittany pulled it off though with those abs!  
Side note, does this image make anyone else want to hit the gym immediately? Haha!  I'm adding it to my list under #4!

Fortunately this time around, crops tops can be worn by pretty much anyone that wants to embrace the look.  Anyone?  Yes!  Anyone that wants to of course.   I've loved the high waisted look for the past few years, I am a huge fan of high waisted pants because it adds so much shape and accentuates the style lines of the woman's body.  
Now, add crop tops in the equation.  Pair the desired crop top with a high waisted item.  Your upper abdomen will peak out creating a soft and feminine look.  Your not revealing much skin here, just a few inches depending on the style lines of the pieces you choose.  I love this look for dates, beach days, hanging out after work, lounging on the weekend-basically anytime!   I personally wouldn't wear or recommend this type of look in a work atmosphere, unless you work in a highly creative/fashion forward environment.  But holla in the comments if you think it is acceptable!

Important/mandatory tip:  Make sure your clothes fit right!! This seems rather basic but I see it over and over again, people will buy something that doesn't fit right and it makes skin pinch and bulge in awkward ways which results in the person wearing the outfit feeling uncomfortable and in alot of cases looking uncomfortable as well.  You only look as good as you feel, so buy the right size!  Make sure your clothes are laying over your body smoothly and not causing skin to pinch(ouch!).  

What do you think of crop tops? Do you like the look or do you plan on skipping it?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4 Ways To Keep On Track With Your Workouts

I've always been very disciplined with working out.  I've gone through phases where I was super obsessive about it(not in an unhealthy way, I think I was bored and  it was an outlet) to just kind of making sure I work out a few times a week and get to a yoga class(currently).  These are things that have really helped me stick to a schedule and stay healthy and happy.

1. Write it down.
       Runners are known for recording their workouts for training, this is probably why I started recording my workouts(once upon a time I started training for the NYC marathon but got injured).  Writing down what you have accomplished is very rewarding-it helps you see your progress.   I suggest creating a calender on your computer or getting a paper monthly calender so you can see your progress and overall what you could be working on.  I like the monthly view so it is clearly visible what days have been filled with activity.

This cute calender is found here and is a free printable!

2. Create a routine.  
        This does not have to be complicated.  There is so much going on in the fitness industry, it can be extremely intimidating, just find something you enjoy doing!   I've been working out for years and I usually just observe the trends, and don't participate.  My personal workouts are 2-3 days at the gym and 1 yoga class on the weekend.  I simply have it in my head that I am going to the gym and I (insert #3)...  If you don't know what to do and that's stopping you from creating a routine, try walking or jogging.  Try googling some simple strength moves to add to your routine to get your muscles burning!  
3.  Just do it.
        Genius marketing Nike and I agree with this whole heatedly.  While committing to #2(unless your injured or ill of course!) don't create any excuses-just go and get the work out done.  If you're thinking about skipping out, don't-unless you have a valid reason.  Or if you don't feel like doing that particular planned work out, think of something that you would like to do and create a modified day.  

4.  Find a workout buddy or a source of motivation.
        On a regular basis, I personally prefer to workout solo.  From time to time, I do join groups or friends to mix it up.  It's really rewarding to have someone to spend time with while you work out and to help stimulate some motivation(and maybe some competition!).  For me, there are a few blogs I read and I also touch base with loved ones regarding workouts.  It can be  fun to talk about routines to get new ideas.  I love the Tone it Up girls.  If I'm feeling extremely bored with exercises I read their blog or watch some videos for new moves!  Find something that makes you want to work out: find a workout buddy, create a mood board, or have a source you go to for workout inspiration.

What do you do to stay motivated to work out?  Do you have a workout buddy?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

1 Tip To Avoid Acne Breakouts

The weekends are always such a nice time to catch up with things on your to do list, hang out with friends, and just plain old relax.  I love having alot of weekends where there's always something to do, then having a couple weekends to catch up things I want to get done.  After being in NYC last weekend, this weekend was dedicated to spending time with my boyfriend and playing catch up with emkyshop.  

This blog is primarily about the design industry,  but I think it is interesting to touch on topics that directly effect people's well being.  Because if you don't feel good about yourself, then design(or whatever makes you happy) isn't going to have the same effect.  

Random, but I'm curious-have you heard of washing your face with olive oil?  I tried it a few consecutive days but I couldn't commit to trying it out for a long period of time.  From what I have read, I  feel if you devote your whole skin care routine around it, it seems as though it works in your favor and alot of people have really positive reactions when using it.

I've had a history with acne through my mid 20's and for the most part it cleared up when I found my dream cleanser.  I think there is a great cleanser fit for everyone, I'm lucky to have the exact same skin problem areas as my sister, and I just started using the same cleanser that worked for her.  But, even when I used my "dream cleaner", my skin continued to break out in a less dramatic way.   I tried everything: spot treatments, masks, new cleansers, but I firmly believe it comes down to one thing: your diet.  

I went through a phase a few years ago where I read this book, and transformed my diet to follow "the natural way"(as the book recommends).  When I say "the natural way" I mean I was very strict with mostly organic foods, very little sugar, and the main thing I did was completely cut out dairy.  This, my friends, is a trick I believe in.  If you experience break outs that literally seem out of your control I would strongly recommend accessing your diet.  I personally think dairy and sugar are the main culprits.  Though I would lean towards dairy being a bigger beast. 
Please note-I am definitely NO dermatologist or specialist, but I am a real person that has experienced a fair share of breakouts that seem uncontrollable.  When I eliminated dairy from my diet my acne went away within a week or so.  It definitely doesn't hurt if your having skin issues to try it out.   Dairy is loaded with hormones too(unless you're eating organic and are hyper aware of raw products), so you could even look at it as a "mini cleanse".    Try it out!  

With this said, I do think a person needs to find the best fit cleanser for for skin type and their skin in general.  But I think if you have continued acne, you may want to dig a little deeper, and this may be a great starting point.  

Another  reason I've been posting these "tips" lately is I'm honestly so sick of being sold things from companies.  There is ALWAYS something new to try and it's nice to just recommend tips that don't necessarily cost anything to try.  This tip will actually save you money since you would be eliminating something from your diet:) 

Do you have a tip to avoid breakouts that has worked for you?  Have you tried olive oil as a cleanser?